Guide to Different Types of CAC Cards [UPDATED 2020]

Did you know that there are different variations to your government-issued CAC Card?

There’s not just one type card. And depending on which one you have, you might have some difficulties using your CAC Card from home .

But how do you know which one you have? And which ones don’t work at all?

How to Figure Out Which CAC Card You Have

Fortunately, figuring out which CAC you have is actually pretty simple.

The type of card is actually printed on the back. If you flip your card over to the side with the magnetic stripe, you’ll be able to find it. The card name is printed directly above the black stripe.


Easy, right?

Which CAC Cards actually work with CAC Card Readers and Enablers?

Here’s the thing. Not all CAC Cards actually work with Card Readers and CAC enablers. This can pose a huge problem for those of you who need to log in at home via your CAC.

Generally speaking… the longer you’ve had your particular CAC, the less likely it’ll work. However, now that you know how to identify your CAC type, you can figure out whether or not your card itself is a potential (or current) problem.

This is a list of CAC cards that WILL NOT WORK:

  • Obertur ID One V5.2
  • Obertur ID One V5.2a
  • Obertur ID One v5.2 Dual
  • Obertur ID One v5.2a Dual
  • Gemalto GCX4 72k DI
  • Gemalto Access 64KV2

If you currently have any of the cards on the above list, you need to go ahead and get your card updated. Just head over to your nearest ID office or PSD, and they’ll get you squared away.

Thankfully, there’s a bunch of cards out there that do work.

CAC Cards that Work with CAC Readers and Enablers 

  • Oberthur ID One 128 v5.5a D
  • Oberthur ID One 128 v5.5 Dual
  • Gemalto TOPDLGX4 144
  • Gemalto DLGX4-A 144
  • G&D FIPS 201 SCE 3.2
  • G+D FIPS 201 SCE 7.0

But here’s a heads-up, if you plan on using the CAC Enabler, Smart Card Services, the Oberthur ID One 128 v5.5a D still won’t work.

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  1. Good afternoon,
    I work for the Coast Guard as a contractor. We have a Dell printer with a CAC card reader installed for scanning documents to email. I am the only one in the office with an older cac card Oberthur ID One 128 v5.5a D. Everyone else (4 co workers) have the G+D FIPS 201 SCE 7.0 CAC Cards. None of them can use the CAC reader to scan. I call it job security. Not sure from an IT role what to do. The printer has the latest CAC card software 05MAY20 from Dell. I have reached out to them for support. They no longer support or sell printers. The Coast Guard IT’s report that they don’t know what to do to fix it. Any help in sorting this out would be great!


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